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The third and FINAL book of “Guts and Glory”, Rise of the Nefarious Numbots, will be out soon! Thank you for your patience as I continue to transfer over to my new publisher, Second Wind. :)


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The Counterfeit Zombies of Noc, book 2 of “Guts and Glory, Freedom Fighters of Nil”, is currently transitioning to Second Wind Publishing,LLC. Check back for more information soon!




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And if you haven’t begun YOUR adventures in Nil, order Book 1, Dr. Fixit’s Malicious Machine, today!

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About “Guts and Glory, Freedom Fighters of Nil”

About “The Elementals”

About the Author: Jessica Rising

About the Illustrator: Jessica Suzanne Turner

About the Illustrator: Cisily Sandoval

Jessica Rising’s Blog

About Morgan MarshallAbout Jessica Suzanne Turner

Order a copy of Song of Spirit, book 1 of “The Elementals”, in paperback or on Kindle. Or read it online now for free!

Click on the cover for more information on “The Elementals”,  an epic children’s fantasy series written under Jessica Rising’s independent publishing pseudonym, Morgan Marshall.

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17 Responses to “”

  1. Thanks for sharing the link, Mrs.C!

  2. Emily Sandoval Says:

    wow this is cooler now.

  3. Love this book!! And im a 68 year old kid!

  4. Love the book, can’t wait for the second one!

  5. I’m only half way through “The Crow’s Nest” and I’m hooked!! I need the second book now! I keep getting into trouble at school because I keep reading it instead of doing my lessons :( So far my favorite character is Tabitha/Glory. Thanks for the book.

    • Hi Rachel! Thank you very much for letting me know that you like my book. :) Tabitha is an interesting character; Book 2 centers a lot more on her and less on Trevor. I hope to have it ready soon, though I don’t want to rush it. But you’ll be one of the first to know when it’s ready!

  6. Hi Jessi,

    My name is Tessa Trow and I’m your biggest fan! Can I please have your autograph? And can you please let me win ONE game of Mario Kart??


  7. Jessica, I’ve enjoyed your blog and I’d like to nominate you for the Liebster Award. This is for new blogs or those with only a few followers. If you’re up for it, please e-mail me and I’ll tell you more. It’s CAT09tales -at-

  8. Cisily Sandoval Says:

    Hey mom? When will my illustrations get onto the site? :)

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